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Brake Repair Service -Omaha, NE

Brake service is the best way to ensure that your brakes always function the way they should. Shift N Gearz recommends having your vehicle’s brakes services with an examination at least once per year to ensure the safety of you and your family. Maintaining your car’s brakes is one of the important aspects of maintaining your safety and quality of driving. There is no better place in Omaha to get your brakes serviced than Shift N Gearz. There are two types of braking systems in most vehicles: anti-lock brake systems (ABS) and traditional brakes. Shift N Gearz services both with the utmost quality. 

Helping You Save Money and Stay Safe With Brake Repair and Brake Inspection

Having working brakes is essential to the safety of you and anyone else in your vehicle. Repairing brakes that are no longer in functioning conditioning or have been worn down to the rotors is one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of you and all of your passengers in your vehicle. Even if you notice small changes in brake performance, that can be a sign that you need to get your brakes repaired as soon as possible to see if any brake repairs are needed to be done. Whether you need new brake pads or have a spongy brake pedal, our certified technicians can handle all of your brake problems with ease.

Make Your Brakes Last Longer With Brake Maintenance Tips

Having your brakes inspected at least once per year. If you drive in the city often or live in a hilly area, you should get your brakes serviced more often.
Do not drive with the parking brake active.
Checking your brake fluid checked and changed as needed. If you are needing to change your brake fluid more than every couple of months, you may have a leak that will need to be repaired.

Signs of Bad Brakes or Need of Brakes Repairs, Omaha, NE

You should have a professional technician at Shift N Gearz check your brakes as soon as possible if you notice any of the following signs:

High pitched screech when you push on the brakes.
Shaking or vibration while you are braking.
Scraping or grinding sounds while not using the brake. This may also be a sign of a brake or bearing problem and must be checked as soon as possible.
Needing to use more pressure than usual when trying to brake.

Worried you need work done on your worn brake pads, brake pedal, brake light, or need any other brake services done on your vehicle? Contact Shift N Gearz in the Omaha Area for all of your auto repair needs including brake pad replacement, an oil change, and braking system inspection.

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