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Expert Automotive Repair & Service in Omaha, NE

At Shift N Gearz, we understand how important your car is to your work and family. Having a trusted mechanic that will give you honest pricing on car repairs, and work within your budget and timeframe can be one of the hardest parts of car ownership. We want to be your trusted mechanics! We want to be the first people you think of for oil changes and other preventative maintenance. Our goal is to be the first call you make for a tow or quote on a large unexpected repair. We pride ourselves on every automotive maintenance job that we get to perform. Our technicians work with all preventative maintenance needs to brakes repairs, automatic transmissions repairs, engine maintenance, new transmissions, and transmission repair. If it’s under your hood, we know how to fix it! 

Regular Engine Maintenance

Regular engine maintenance is one of the easiest ways to keep your car repairs at a minimum. Having one of our trained technicians monitoring your vehicle during regularly scheduled engine maintenance will help save money, time and potentially a dangerous breakdown from occurring. We can help you develop a preventative maintenance schedule that will keep your car running smoothly and ensure any warranties are kept up to date and valid. Regular maintenance on your brakes can also help stretch between brakes repairs.

Managing Costly Engine Repairs

Knowing when your engine services are due can save headaches as well. We will never push upcharge options for car repairs. We want you informed on your car so that you keep your automotive repair budget to a minimum. We understand the frustration of costly repairs and how stressful that can be. We know your time is valuable and will do everything we can to do our work efficiently and within your budget. No one wants to waste time waiting on automotive maintenance to be performed.