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Preventative maintenance is a great way to get yourself out of car troubles before they even begin because no one wants to be stopped on the side of the road for an issue that could have been avoided. Tow trucks can be expensive, and getting the car fixed can lead to money piling up. One of the main reasons that cars start to need big repairs is due to simple negligence and not knowing what to replace or change before it becomes broken. But when you come into Shift N Gearz for preventive maintenance you can avoid those bills piling up and not have to worry about costly repairs. 

Another good reason to come in for preventive maintenance is to make sure your car’s warranty stays in tact. Many warranties will become void if you do not follow the maintenance schedules provided by the manufacturer. When that warranty becomes void you lose value in the vehicle making it hard to resell later on.

Living in Omaha you might be driving around a lot which means that your car is going to get run down faster. Driving to work on a daily basis, especially distances, may make it so your car has more maintenance requirements than expected. Preventative maintenance helps your car be in the best condition to help you continue your driving as normal. Some services that we offer at Shift N Gearz for preventative maintenance are:

At Shift N Gearz we want to make sure that you are getting the best from your car which is why we only offer the best services for preventive maintenance. We have a team of experts that are prepared to help you with any preventative maintenance service you may need, and can even recommend services based on your car and driving habits.

For more information about preventative maintenance, call Shift N Gearz today!