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Transmission Repair Omaha, NE

Shift N Gearz in Omaha can help you with your transmission repair no matter if you have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Our trained transmission experts will diagnose the transmission issue and consult you on your next decision. Let us deal with all of the dirty work in your transmission repair.

Automatic Transmission Repair

Automatic transmission vehicles shift gears automatically to optimize your driving experience. It shifts gears based on driver’s throttle pedal, vehicle speed, engine, and vehicle load. Most automatic transmissions have up to 5 forward transmission gear ratios, as well as reverse, park, and neutral. Automatic transmission repair can often be difficult to do at home because of all of the moving parts that are in an automatic transmission. Automatic transmission repairs are best left to the experts at Shift N Gearz. Our technicians are experts in transmission repairs after years of experience.

Manual Transmission Repair

While manual transmissions tend to need fewer repairs and maintenance, they can still break down and no one better to conduct the transmission repair than Shift N Gearz in Omaha. Our manual transmission repair experts will consult you on the services and repairs that your transmission may need. We ensure that the decision we suggest is the best decision for your vehicle and your wallet. If you notice that your manual transmission is shifting unusually, contact Shift N Gearz so that we can repair your transmission and extend the life of your vehicle.

Clutch Repair

Driving a manual transmission car is almost like a careful dance with your clutch. Every shift that you make with your car requires the use of the clutch. If your clutch is broken, you are not able to drive your car. While manual cars are most known for having clutches. Automatic vehicles also have clutches, although they are a different kind of clutch in the manual vehicles. But they are still equally important to the health of your vehicle. If your vehicle isn’t shifting properly, call Shift N Gearz in Omaha for your clutch repair needs.

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